Patterns In The Bible, Episode 3

EPISODE 3 of 4: The Skull Crusher

This week (August 18) on Shabbat Night Live, who or what is the skull crusher? This theme repeats itself throughout the Bible, but are we clear about the spirit behind it?

Pastor Matthew Vander Els reveals the surprising gravity of this concept and what it represents for believers as we head into the end times!

Watch the episode — included on this blog post.

While you watch, consider the questions below. The timeline for each discussion topic in the video is noted on each question. Post your answers in the comments section and let’s get some discussion going!

  1. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 17:07) What is the Hebrew word for crafty that is used to describe the serpent in Genesis 3:1?
  2. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 22:34) What is the name of the woman who crushed the skull of Sisera, the enemy general, with a tent stake in Judges 4?
  3. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 26:24) What is the name of the Philistine hero who was covered in bronze scales and had a name that meant skull in Hebrew?
  4. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 28:34) What is the name of the king of Israel who became jealous of David after he crushed the skull of Goliath?
  5. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 41:33) What is the term that means the first gospel and refers to the promise that God made to Eve and is the name of the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 that foretells the conflict between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent?
  6. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 44:08) What is the name of the book of the Bible that begins with the phrase “in the beginning” and presents Yeshua as the agent of the new creation?
  7. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 47:06) How does John connect Mary to Eve in his gospel account?
  8. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 49:52) How does Paul connect the prophecy of Genesis 3:15 to the believers in Rome?
  9. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 52:49) What is the name of the criminal who was released instead of Yeshua by the crowd?
  10. (VIDEO TIMELINE – 53:05) What is the term that Paul uses to describe the gospel in 1 Corinthians 1:18?

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