Atheists have scoffed at the mention of it, modern religionists have denied its accuracy…

But the Red Sea crossing really happened!

And we can prove it — with video evidence of Pharaoh’s chariot army on the bottom of the Red Sea…

Get ready for the spine-tingling reality of The Red Sea Crossing!

Join Michael Rood and an international team of scientists for one of the most exciting archaeological finds of all time!

You will sail the ancient “Yam Suph” (modern day Gulf of Aqaba) where hundreds of Egyptian chariots have been strewn across the sea floor.

Robotic submarine cameras will lead you through an underwater battlefield where the coral encrusted remains of Pharaoh’s army still litter the ocean floor like an ancient chariot junkyard.

red-sea-new_4_grande_grandeThis will be the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life!

You will discover the impossibility of crossing the Red Sea — a 5,000-foot abyss — except for a miraculous land bridge right at the beach where the Israelites camped on the shoreline.

It is on the sandy floor of this land bridge, just a few hundred feet below the surface of the sea, that the Egyptian army’s chariots remain to this day, entombed in coral.

Witness the golden chariot wheel of Pharaoh himself, lying in the sand!

Using magnetometers, researchers have confirmed that what once lay beneath the coral were indeed manmade, metal objects, eerily similar to the iron chariot wheels and axles used in Egypt at the time of the Exodus.

Once you experience The Red Sea Crossing, your life will never be the same — show it to family and friends and they’ll be in awe!

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