How would you like to get FREE Michael Rood teachings for life — and help the Rood Crew spread the Truth while you’re at it?

We need volunteers to transcribe ALL of Michael Rood’s teachings so that we can have a written script in English for every DVD (we’ll take that script and get it translated into different languages later).

All you have to do is watch Michael Rood DVDs and write down what he says… and you get to keep every DVD you transcribe!

Here’s how it works:

  1. We send you the DVD.
  2. You transcribe Michael’s teaching.
  3. You upload the transcription in the allotted time (typically 1 week to transcribe 1 hour of teaching).
  4. You keep the teaching… and if you want to do it again, we’ll send you another one!

All you need to participate is:

  • a DVD player
  • internet access
  • a computer with word processing software (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice [free online], etc)

This task is very important to Michael — if you have the time to do something special for him, this is it!

Email and put “Transcribe” in the subject line.

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