You know the story of the Messiah. – You know his miracles, his message…

But if you don’t understand The Spring Feasts of the LORD, you’re only getting one side of a three-dimensional story!

Get to know the Feasts of the LORD!

Our Creator has shown us “the end from the beginning” through the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in The Spring Feasts of the LORD.

The Feasts of the LORD are the key to everything!

But if you don’t understand them, you’re locked out of truly knowing the Messiah — and you may never fully comprehend your role as a believer!

Watch The Spring Feasts of the LORD and you’ll get it!
This 4-DVD set includes more than 6 hours of easy-to-understand explanation and revelation.

spring-feasts_grandeYou’ll have a solid comprehension of what the Feasts truly mean, why they matter for your future, and how to properly interpret “the end from the beginning!”

30% OFF… plus a BONUS teaching!

Order your 4-DVD set now and you’ll also get a special, bonus teaching by Michael, directly from the land of Israel: The Last Great Day and the Resurrection.

Perfect for home or congregational study, The Spring Feasts of the LORD is “Bible Prophecy 101!

Order yours now!
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