How To Share the Truth

Back in the 1980s, there was a science fiction TV show called “The X Files” whose mantra was “The truth is out there.”

Likewise, the truth of the Messiah — apart from religious tradition — is indeed “out there”… but the truth can’t get anywhere unless we all do our part to spread it around!

Here are some great ways that A Rood Awakening can help you do that.

Social Media

Social_imageOn the bottom of every email we send, there are FREE opportunities for you to share the truth with others! Just click on any of the icons at the bottom of the email to:

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  • You can also donate to the ministry at the bottom of every email.

Your generosity ensures that those unable to give can benefit from A Rood Awakening. Every year we send out thousands of teaching materials at no charge, which would not be possible without your support.

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The Raw Truth Clearance Sale

Right now, we have a TON of some of Michael Rood’s best teaching DVDs and CDs with no boxes and no covers — just the raw truth! Prices start at an amazing $1.99 each. Buy a bunch and share them with friends! Titles include:

rock-of-ages_c5c0910f-2f26-4b65-82bc-99bde0934005_grandeThe Day of Trumpets at the Rock of Ages (DVD) – $1.99

This mountain top experience set the stage for Michael Rood’s keynote address at the Albuquerque Convention Center as he took us to the REAL Mount Sinai and clarified “The Covenant” that was delivered from the fiery summit – the subsequent breaking of that Covenant – and the prophetic provision for the renewal of the Covenant.



Beating_of_BalammsThe Beating of Balaam’s Ass – Prophetically Speaking (DVD) – $1.99

Join Michael Rood for the opening session of Yom Teruah 6008 – the Feast of Trumpets 2008 as he details the prophetic significance of “Beating Balaam’s Ass” from the book of Numbers and from the headlines of the New York Times. The physical universe is trying to tell America something that their leaders just don’t want to hear.



dvd-purim-5discs_grande_Final_grandeThe 70 Weeks of the Messiah (5 CD set) – $4.99

Examining the Gospels from a Hebraic and chronological perspective, Michael Rood proves how Messiah Yahshua (aka Jesus) completed his first earthly ministry, culminating in the fulfillment of the Spring Feasts of the LORD, in exactly 70 weeks – not 3½ years as is commonly taught – from his baptism in water until he was baptized with the Holy Spirit.


Click here to see all of the available titles in the Raw Truth Clearance Sale!

There are so many ways to share the truth of the Messiah — the truth once delivered to the saints! 

  • The next time you get an email from us, share it! 
  • The next time you have a few extra dollars, buy a few copies of a teaching for friends!
  • And, always be on the lookout for surprise sales — we have a lot of them!

Thank you for helping us share the truth!

Click here for the Raw Truth Clearance Sale!
“Nothing in this ministry happens without you. Do it now — make it happen. Thank you!”
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