The Chronological Gospels – One Year Anniversary

300x133_TCG_BOGOThe Chronological Gospels has been out for a full year. In fact, we are just a few short weeks shy of the 70-week mark – that all-important number that defines the length of the Messiah’s ministry here on this earth. This is important to me because there is a mission behind The Chronological Gospels. I poured my heart and soul into this work to bring it to the hearts and souls of those out in the world that need the truth of the Word.

In the final weeks of Yeshua’s ministry, he told his disciples, “All power and authority has been given to me in heaven and in Earth. Go! Teach all nations to carry out all the things that I have commanded you – forever” (Matthew 28:18-20).

The Chronological Gospels is my answer to this call. The mission is clear – to teach all nations what he has commanded.

I spent 40 years studying, researching, seeking, praying, and piecing together all I was learning. After painstakingly putting together the story of the Messiah in proper context and chronological order, I knew I had something truly special. Finally people could see the Messiah as he truly is. They could understand his message, unclouded by hundreds of years of man-made additions and traditions.

The day I finally finished and printed out the manuscript of this work, I dropped to the ground with a heart attack.

In that moment, I was at peace, but I prayed for more time. I prayed for a little longer to help people to see the true Messiah and to know the Creator. I prayed for the opportunity to continue the mission I had set on so many years before.

In its first year, we have sent out copies of The Chronological Gospels to the corners of the Earth, from Europe to Asia, to South America, Africa, Australia and all over North America. They have traveled by air, land and sea. They have gone into prisons, been handed out in the streets, and read in countless Bible studies. My heart is full of the stories I have been told about the reach of this work. But so much more is to be done.

My mission – our mission – is to get The Chronological Gospels into the hands of everyone we can, all over the earth. This is the true story of our Messiah as it has never been told, and all deserve to hear it!

To make this happen, we need to be giving these out at every opportunity. We need to put The Chronological Gospels in the hands of our neighbors, pastors, grocery store clerks, and great Uncle Merles. I want to help you do this, so that you can keep this book going on its mission, whether I’m here or not.

So, each copy that is purchased through this special link is going to come with another copy of The Chronological Gospels. This extra copy is to give away. Give it to a friend, a stranger, or an enemy. Give it to a man on the street or your favorite barista or your congressperson. Give it freely; this is going to change lives.

The Messiah traveled the land of Israel teaching all who had ears to hear while he was on earth. He sent his disciples out to travel even wider circles to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom. Now the world is so connected, we have the ability to reach so many so quickly. We are sending The Chronological Gospels out to the world on this mission to bless hearts and win souls for the Kingdom– until the smoke clears.

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Enjoying The Comics?

As an offering to A Rood Awakening! International in thanks for providing teaching materials to their prison, two very talented prisoners gave us these comics to use in our newsletter.


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Lights, Camera, Action: You Make It Happen!

You’re invited to take a personal role in bringing the truth of The Chronological Gospels to televisions around the world!

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For a one-time gift of $5,000 you will be named an Executive Producer of one episode of The Chronological Gospels TV Series. Each episode is baed on an “event” in Yeshua’s ministry, as referenced in The Chronological Gospels Bible.

As an Executive Producer, you will receive:

  • Your name as Executive Producer on the credits at the end of the episode
  • 10 copies of The Chronological Gospels Bible to give away
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