Can You Hear The Rushing Mighty Wind?

We have counted from the Firstfruits offering of the barley harvest to the wheat harvest of Shavuot. We have tracked the memory of the journey from the Red Sea crossing to the gift of the Torah at Mount Sinai. We have numbered the days of our risen Messiah to this moment. Now it is here, and all of our anticipation is met with a rushing mighty wind. On the 8th day of the 3rd month in 28 CE, the disciples are gathered together on the Temple Mount. Everyone is on the Temple Mount, in fact, because it is Shavuot, and all are required to go up for this feast. No one has seen Yeshua since his ascension 10 days ago, but before he left, he declared he would send “the promise of the Father.” Hundreds of thousands have come up for the feast. It is loud and busy. A collective memory replays in the minds of those gathered… The people crowded around the bottom of Mount Sinai waiting. The blast of trumpets, the flash of lighting, and crack of thunder. A blazing flame igniting the mountaintop. And the voice of the Almighty, above it all, thundering out his Torah. Hearts racing, bodies trembling – overwhelmed by the mighty power of the Creator, they cower in fear, begging for it to end.

This year is different. This year, the power is given to the faithful.

Suddenly on the Temple Mount there comes a sound like a rushing mighty wind from heaven, and it completely fills the House of Prayer where the disciples are sitting. A pillar of fire appears, splitting apart and resting upon each of them, and they are all filled with the Ruach Kodesh. Can you hear the rushing mighty wind? They begin to speak in other languages as the Ruach gives them articulation. A multitude gathers. They are in awe. “How do we hear each of them speak in the dialects of the nations in which we were born?” they say. “We hear them speak the wonderful works of YHVH in our own languages!” The manifestation of the Spirit has been poured out and the disciples are filled to overflowing. They have the power to teach, to heal, to cast out demons. Now it is time to act. Empowered with the Ruach, they must now go out to all nations to teach the commandments of YHVH.


Shavuot is an agricultural feast in which we give thanks to the Creator for the tangible blessings of our “harvests” during the year. It is also a prophetic and spiritual feast that reminds us of the blessings and gifts that come from our relationship with him. It is a reminder to act – to be servants of the Kingdom. Can you hear the rushing mighty wind?

How to Braid Challah Bread

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