The Chronological Gospels Edition

My life’s work, The Chronological Gospels, is going to be made into a television program. I am going to have the opportunity to teach the details of the life and 70-week ministry of the Messiah so that his message can be heard throughout the world. There’s only one problem. To do this right, at the appropriate quality to take it to the world, we need to design a set specifically meant for this project.

I had already envisioned a modest but workable design, so during the 50-day count from Firstfruits to Shavuot, we set out to raise the $50,000 we would need to make it a reality. We did not reach that goal, but the Almighty had bigger plans.

As we had continued working on the design, we started to realize that the set we needed to build would take up all the space in our current location. We just didn’t have the room to make it happen. Then everything started to fall into place.

Earlier in the year I had felt a stirring in my heart. Our studio in Charlotte is just minutes away from the complexes Jim Bakker built in the late 70’s that have now been sitting vacant for decades. I told Eric and Tedd that I felt like something was happening with those buildings. I felt like the barn from which Jim Bakker had broadcast every night to so many people had been preserved for us. I asked them to look into it, and then I put it to the back of my mind and went about my work.

When I arrived in Israel a couple weeks later, I got a phone call from Eric – the barn had just been sold. I was not discouraged; I knew this change of hands could be in our favor. Eric said he would keep digging into it. Just weeks later, we had signed a contract with the owners. Aviv Moon Productions now has limitless access to the complex’s main, 1,500-seat broadcast studio. We can build our sets and do production work there, we can film The Chronological Gospels there, and all of that cost us nothing. Not a cent — which means absolutely zero risk to the ministry’s bottom line.

This place is a dream. It’s huge. It’s beautiful. It’s exactly what we need. The ministry that was called to buy it doesn’t do production work, so I see the hand of the Almighty in every turn of this connection we’ve made.

So… now, the vision has grown. The Almighty has provided so much more than we had ever hoped. My modest vision just won’t do for the place we have now been given. We received the $50,000 in 50 days that we thought we needed, but now I’m inviting you to help us with this bigger vision. We need $250,000 in 60 days to outfit this building with the cameras, the control room, and the set that is meant to be there – the equipment that will make The Chronological Gospels program THE show that reaches the world with the message of the Messiah.

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Here is how you can help:

Each episode of The Chronological Gospels television show will center on an event in the life and ministry of the Messiah. Each episode will have the potential to change someone’s life out there. With your investment of $5,000, I want to make you Executive Producer on one episode. The return on this investment for you is immeasurable – it’s in the winning of souls for the Kingdom. The episode you fund will be YOUR episode, your piece of this ministry that will go out to multitudes all over the earth. Together, we can end biblically illiteracy in America and beyond!

I have no doubt the provision is there to realize this vision, and you are that provision. The Almighty calls his people to be a part of his plan. We have responded to the Spirit. Will you?

Become an Executive Producer of the Chronological Gospels TV series

Here are our Current Executive Producers

1. Aron Brackeen
2. Nancy Basnight
3. William LeBaron
4. Wayne Schweidenback
5. Tommy Reed
6. Harry Barnhill
7. Alicia/Bryan Miller
8. Verna Beth Rood
9. Gregg Fischer
10. Rockey/ Sheila Burch
11. Dianne Sweetser
12. In Memory of Baldon Garrison
13. Mary Howeth
14. Linda Cartwright
15. Steve Seigel
16. Sheri and Richard Waide
17. Larry Anderson
18. Marke Leland Lobaugh, MD

For the first time ever, you’re invited to take a personal role in bringing the truth of The Chronological Gospels to televisions around the world! In fact, we need Executive Producers — that’s YOU — to make this worldwide blessing a reality.

For a one-time gift of $5,000, you will be named an Executive Producer of one episode of The Chronological Gospels Television Series. Each episode is based on an “event” in Yeshua’s ministry, as referenced in The Chronological Gospels Bible — a collection of more than 300 events, cataloged into chronological order, revealing exactly what Yeshua was doing every week of his ministry. It’s like watching a movie of his life leap from the pages! And as an Executive Producer of The Chronological Gospels television series, you can literally make that movie a reality!

As an Executive Producer, you will receive:

  • Your name as Executive Producer on the credits at the end of the episode
  • 10 copies of The Chronological Gospels to give away
  • Engraved wall plaque recognizing you as Executive Producer of The Chronological Gospels Television Series
  • A tax deductible receipt for $5,000

This is your opportunity to partner with us for a once-in-a-lifetime project!



If you would like to discuss this opportunity with someone, contact Anny Reed at or by calling 704-754-4698.

With your generous help, millions around the world can watch the greatest book about the greatest book ever written unfold before their eyes — The Chronological Gospels television series!

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Are You Enjoying The Comics?

As an offering to our ministry in thanks for providing teaching materials to the prison, two very talented prisoners gave us these comics to use in our newsletter. Enjoy!

thumbnail-2ag14 *Used by permission.

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This Month’s Love Gift

thumbnail-3This month for your gift of $80 or more, Michael Rood would like for you to receive this beautiful ram’s horn. The sound of the ram’s horn has always been a call to action from YaHoVaH. With your gift of $80 or more you can bring the tradition of the shofar into your own home.

Michael Rood would also like for you to receive this DVD, The Day of Trumpets: Rock of Ages. This DVD features Michael Rood’s keynote address as he shared the prophetic vision for the renewal of the Covenant.

For your gift of $250 or more, Michael Rood would like to bless you with this hand-crafted, all natural shofar from Israel. Bring this wonderful and authentic gift home to use in your own exaltation of YaHoVah.

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