Basar echad means “one flesh” and is found in the book of Genesis. The idea behind this phrase is unity.

But this is not your average message of unity.

Our world is changing quickly, intense things are happening – war, weather, epidemics. Right now is the most important time in history for unity among the believers.

Soon we will face things that we cannot come through alone. We are designed to work as a body, and the body of Messiah is powerful.

But a kingdom divided will not stand. And while the body argues, others are uniting to destroy us.


Learn how the interworking of the body of Messiah is revealed from the very beginning through the physics of the universe and the opening chapters of Genesis. See how the end is declared right from the beginning and the vital role unity plays as the end nears.

Discover how the Father has designed all of this for such a time as now.

Get the new teaching by Brad Scott,Basar Echad and Other Secrets of the Universe.”

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