Mount Sinai is NOT in Egypt’s so-called Sinai Peninsula, no matter what the tour guide says… and we have proof! The discovery of the real Mount Sinai is far more exciting, and Michael Rood takes you there!

The true story of Mount Sinai is more fabulous than fiction!

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The Real Mount Sinai is a tale that reads like a movie script — dodging military gunships patrolling the Gulf of Aqaba, better known as the Red Sea…

trespassing the Jordanian desert under the cover of darkness…

smuggling ancient artifacts from the Saudi Arabian desert home of the wandering Israelites…

…enduring months of terrifying interrogation while awaiting death-penalty trial for international espionage…

…and lying face down in the desert sand with Bedouin warrior rifles pressed against their heads.

These are the incredible, true accounts of a handful of archaeologists, scientists, and oil field engineers who labored for more than a decade to the secrets of The Real Mount Sinai out to the world!

real-mt-sinai_grandeJoin Michael Rood on the shores of the Red Sea as he presents the physical evidence and recounts the adventures of those who successfully documented one of the most auspicious events in the history of mankind!

You’ll see the proof of Israel’s ancient title deed to the Saudi Arabian desert — their signatures still etched into property markers that litter the desert floor!

Hear the heart-racing tales from those who were arrested by Saudi Arabian forces, charged as spies, and lived to tell about it.

Best of all, you’ll see the evidence of Mount Sinai first-hand:

  • Ancient cattle corrals
  • Elijah’s cave
  • The split rock that gave the Israelites water to drink
  • The altar to the golden calf
  • … and the most awe inspiring of all, the real Mount Sinai — still blackened at its peak from the fire of the LORD himself!
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