Tedd ClaytonHi, I’m Tedd Clayton. As Chief Operations Officer of A Rood Awakening! International, it is my job to assist Michael Rood in developing our Ministry Action Plan for 2016. I can tell you that your leadership team is so excited about 2016… Allow me to introduce them to you…


  • Angela Sampson, your Director of Partner Relations, has wonderful plans on revamping The Ambassadors Club and working along side of our customer services department to answer your questions and service your needs faster and with greater clarity.
  • Matthew Hall, your Event Coordinator and leader of our Aviv Fellowships, has already begun to plan the 2016 Passover Extravaganza with Michael, making it bigger, better and more moving than ever before. And Aviv Fellowships are growing at a record pace, spreading the Gospel of Yeshua to the entire world.
  • Scott Laird, your Director of Communications, is developing new and better ways of communicating to you, keeping you better informed and letting you know all of the happenings here at A Rood Awakening. Also as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Scott will be creating more videos to let you how to take care of your body and live your life the way the Almighty intended.
  • Donna Clayton, your financial comptroller, is taking care of the finances. Making sure that all of the ministry bills are being paid in a timely fashion and keeping the entire team on budget so that we can do things like our wonderful events and airing the truth on television and online. Thank you Donna for doing the wonderful job of making every penny count. Donna is also the ministry Human Resources Director… keeping the ministry the best place to work in North Carolina!
  • Christie Tyler is your Fulfillment Coordinator; I have to say a special “thank you” to Christie because she has revolutionized the way we get your learning resources you purchase from our bookstore to your home. Most of the packages go out within 24 hours and she is always looking for new ways to get your packages to you faster.
  • And your Director of Television is Ariel Steagall. In 2016, your television department will be producing more videos than ever before. New programming such as The Chronological Gospels with Michael Rood, The Wednesday Night Bible Study and of course, Shabbat Night Live. We will be producing new teachings in 2016 like our Love Gift Teaching Series that can only be seen when you receive our monthly Love Gift. And we will be creating new teaching series on the Spring & Fall Feasts.

All of these leaders work with their teams to make A Rood Awakening! International the best ministry we can for you — our partners.

But all of these new and exciting things we are planning for 2016 cannot happen without your support. As the end of 2015 on the pagan calendar rapidly approaches, would you consider making a year-end donation to A Rood Awakening! International?

If you owe taxes to the federal government, you can reduce what you owe to them by donating a portion of what you owe to this ministry. We know you work very hard for your money and these are monies you would have to pay to Uncle Sam anyway — so why not sow some good seed instead by donating to the ministry?

Also, if you have any material things you would like to donate, now is the best time to do that as well. You can donate cars, trucks, boats, jewelry, land, homes or anything of value. Just get in contact with Angela Sampson here at the ministry and she can help you with the process of turning your unwanted items into great resources for A Rood Awakening! International.

Remember, to take advantage of these great ways to reduce or eliminate your tax burden for 2015, you MUST donate to the ministry before midnight, December 31, 2015.

Again, thank you for everything you do for A Rood Awakening! International. We are excited to serve you in 2016.

Blessing to you and your family,

Tedd Clayton


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