In the pinnacle of the Messiah’s confrontation with the religious leaders — who were continually trying to find fault in him — Yeshua asks them a question that leaves them all speechless.

It was a question that “no one dared” answer… until now!

Is the Messiah God himself?

You can now hear the answer to this critical question as Michael Rood decodes the complex Messianic prophecy given to David — a prophecy that reveals the truth of Messiah!

Over 14,000 people have viewed this groundbreaking teaching on YouTube… and now, at last, you can own it on DVD: The Messiah Dilemma.

The fascinating key to this teaching is a seemingly simple difference in the spelling of the Almighty’s name in Psalm 110, referenced by Yeshua in Matthew 22:41-46.

The difference lies in the meaning of the word “adoni” in the first verse of Psalm 110 and the word “adonay” in the fifth verse of Psalm 110 — seemingly the same word, but with very different meanings.

One word, two meanings!

TMD-DVD-image_grandeIn these verses, King David prophesies that of Yeshua, both the King who judges the nations from his throne in Jerusalem and also the high priest (Cohen Gadol) forever — a concept that left the Pharisees unable to respond to Yeshua’s question on the matter without admitting that he was the Messiah!

In The Messiah Dilemma, Michael Rood explains this conundrum in detail and why modern Christian scholars are equally unable to understand Yeshua’s words without a present day understanding of the actual name of our heavenly Father.

Finally… the definitive answer to the question:
Is the Messiah God himself?

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