Gospel Questions?

Michael Rood has the answers!

By Laura Hudson, Marketing Director

TGGI-DVD-image_grandeWhile planning the Hanukkah 2013 event, we kept circling back to an idea that was born out of a fun moment joking around with Michael Rood. During any team meeting, there are moments of prayer, genius, problem solving and then there’s that one moment – the moment that is bound to come when you get this group of people together (Michael Rood, Scott, Anny & Laura, Tedd, Donna, Eric, and Chaim) – the moment that fills the room with laughter.

This was that moment  

During this long planning session, we took a moment to have a little fun with Michael, we challenged him to answer any question presented to him on the Gospels on the spot. I believe it was Scott who said, “It would be the Great Gospel Inquisition.”

The laughter stopped. We all just looked at each other. That was it! The Great Gospel Inquisition. Michael Rood was up for the challenge. He was confident he could answer your Gospels Questions.

Don’t you know that YHVH works like that sometimes. We stop taking ourselves so seriously and the Father takes over and we know that something great was about to happen.

With a light-hearted beginning, a very real conversation took place that has changed lives. With that, I announce the DVD release of the night that was born of that moment in the offices of A Rood Awakening! International.

The Great Gospel Inquisition – Co-hosted by author and preacher Arthur Bailey, and teacher Dr. Dennis Otero, The Great Gospel Inquisition will answer questions about the Gospels you’ve been wrestling with for years… perhaps for your entire life!

Click here to get your Gospels questions answered, today!
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