After leaving Egypt, the Israelites were led into the wilderness on a grueling physical and spiritual journey to Mount Sinai.

Along the way, they were given important life lessons by the Almighty to prepare them to be his people; lessons about trust, being set apart, and honoring their God in the way that he directed.

These lessons would provide the foundation for the covenant that would be laid on on Shavuot, seven weeks after their miraculous departure from Egypt, a covenant that would be sealed in blood at the base of Mount Sinai.

Join Michael Rood in the tent of Abraham as he delves into these lessons, what they meant for the Israelites, and what they mean for believers today: Lessons On The Way To Sinai

In this 7-DVD series, you’ll uncover hidden life lessons in the Torah that define what it means to be an Israelite: ARA301-LessonsSinai-DVDmockup_grande

  1. Mikveh-ed in the Red Sea
  2. The Song of Moses – and Kvetching of Critics
  3. Manna: What Is It?
  4. The Rock: Who Is It?
  5. The True God: What Is His Name?
  6. Delegating Authority: The Good, the Bad,  and the Ugly
  7. Shavuot: The Mountain Which Cannot Be Touched

If you consider yourself part of the “commonwealth of Israel” (Ephesians 2:12), you need to know these important truths that define how to live like a believer, indeed, an Israelite!

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“Join me in the tent of Abraham as we reveal important life lessons for every believer!”
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