Shavuot is a wheat harvest feast — a perfect time to bake some delicious, sweet challah bread.

Never tried? Now’s the perfect time to learn!

As we read in the Bible and in Sara Rood-Smith‘s book, “The Feasts for Families: The Spring Feasts“, Shavuot is a high Sabbath, a special Sabbath related to feast times, apart from the weekly Sabbath.

Most people interpret the high Sabbath days as those during which we do not do our normal work.

However, we may cook and bake for the feast on these special days — an exception not provided during regular, weekly Sabbaths.

That means you can bake challah bread on Shavuot, but you want to perfect it before the actual feast day, and braiding it can be kind of tricky.

So, here’s how to practice…

First, click here for a challah recipe from page 58 of “The Feasts for Families: The Spring Feasts.”

Once you’ve made the dough, here’s how to braid it:

  1. Challah BreadMake four equally sized balls of dough.
  2. Roll each one into a long strand.
  3. Lay the strands out, side by side, and then pinch the tops together.
  4. Grab the strand farthest to the right and slide it under the two strands on its left (it is now in the #2 position).
  5. Take that same strand and twist it over the strand on its right (now it is in the #3 position).
  6. Repeat, but starting with the strand on the far left (slide under two, twist back over one).
  7. Keep repeating this pattern until you get to the end of the loaf.
  8. Tuck the ends under at the top and bottom of the loaf.

Get creative!

Now that you’ve mastered challah braiding, have a little fun with some of the other foods you’ll eat on Shavuot — after all, it’s all about fire!

You can remember the smoking Mount Sinai and the flames of the Holy Spirit on Shavuot by cooking something “en flambe!”

Or maybe have friends over and cook something on the grill, or maybe even have a campfire (with these kosher marshmallows).

Need more great ideas?

FFF-SpringFeasts_mockup-1_grande_601c3f1f-192f-486b-a318-7275908c6efd_grandeThe Feasts for Families: The Spring Feasts” guides you through your celebration of the Creator’s holy days, explore them with your family, and create your own traditions and memories. This book doesn’t dictate what you should do or say on Shavuot.

Instead, it provides a whole lot of fun, enriching ideas and resources so you can celebrate the way that is most meaningful for your family.

It is designed as a thematic unit, so it has activities, readings, projects, experiments and games all related to the Spring Feasts of the LORD.

Best of all, the articles teach you about the origins of the holy days… and their fulfillment in our Messiah!

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“Growing up with a Messianic believer’s perspective of the Spring Feasts of the LORD, Sara Rood-Smith communicates their eternal truth and beauty to the next generation as only a mother and professional educator could do.”
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