leigh_fransen_mediumHi – I’m Leigh Rood-Fransen, author of Behold The Lamb. Passover is my favorite feast, the perfect combination of solemnity and festivity.

The stories of Passover are the most compelling ever told, and the food is something I always look forward to.

But the most important piece of Passover planning is often overlooked until the last minute…

Exactly how are we going to make this feast come alive with meaning?

For many years, our family and the fellowships we attended made do with “haggadahs,” or Passover service books, that were designed for non-Messianic Jewish households.

A few times we tried using “Messianic” ones that we also found lacking.

Every year I thought, “Someone ought to write one for people like us.”

A few years ago I had had enough of wishing someone would do so, and I wrote one myself.  Our congregation used it a few weeks later, and I got great feedback.

My Dad (Michael Rood) used it in South America that same year, and he told me that he loved it and so did all the people present.

It was a couple of years before my husband suggested we publish it for wider use. I took a closer look at it, tweaked the content, had a few people edit it, and added a few features (like recipes).

The Rood Crew added graphics and a cover, and it was ready.

Since then I’ve been so blessed and encouraged to hear stories of people who have used Behold The Lamb to guide their Passover celebration.

leigh-rood-behold-the-lamb_grandeMany have mentioned that they enjoy that it is short and simple enough that everyone from small children to novices in the faith can thoroughly enjoy it.

Others have mentioned that as simple as it is, it helps them reach that place in their hearts so they don’t just hear, but truly feel the wonder of the Passover stories as they unfold.

I encourage every family and fellowship to make their Passover celebration their own.

Whether you design your own service from scratch, use Behold The Lamb as a springboard for your own ideas, or do the service exactly as laid out in the book, I wish you a meaningful and joyous Passover night!

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