Angela SampsonHi, I’m Angela Sampson, Director of Partner Relations for A Rood Awakening International. I’m so excited to be a part of the Rood Crew and look forward to getting to know you!

I’d like to start our relationship with three questions…

  1. How badly do you want to see the truth spread to the world?
  2. How much would you like to see A Rood Awakening Ministry teachings in everyone’s hands?
  3. How cool would it be if your friends and family heard the REAL truth?

If you’re passionate about truth… I need YOU to BE the change!

How can you do that if you’re not working directly with the ministry? Easy. Help to fund what we’re doing. And the timing is perfect right now!

As we approaching the end of the “year” (so says the tax man), you’re probably starting to think about taxes. If you owe taxes as an individual or business owner — you are actually in a very powerful position. You have an incredible opportunity to “be the change” that enables A Rood Awakening to make the biggest impact ever!

You can make a monetary gift, or even a gift of property… whatever you decide to do, you will empower this ministry to do more good in more places than ever before!

I urge you to pray and respond in faith to the direction YeHoVaH would lead you. Should you have any questions about the many ways you can give to this ministry, please call me personally at (704) 754-4698.

Let me help you “be the change!”


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