A Rood Awakening! International is proud to announce the return of Anny Reed as Director of Ministry Development. Reed’s homecoming is an exciting occasion; and having served as a face of the ministry from 2012 to 2015, she was beloved by both the staff and partners.

The announcement comes at an important time for the ministry, as it looks to bridge the gap within the Hebrew Roots community. Reed plans to facilitate this process through the forging of new relationships and through utilizing the ministry’s various resources.

“I am excited that Anny—along with our founder, Michael Rood—will help us to guide the future of A Rood Awakening! International,” says COO Tedd Clayton.

Having expanded her scope of experience since her initial departure, Reed has come to one important realization about the Hebrew Roots world: “Life is distracting no matter who you are. Things get busy, but we must remember that we have an important task: saving souls.”

“There are people searching for answers and we should do everything in our power to reach them,” says Reed. “Our lives serve a greater purpose than just working.”

In addition to her work ethic, Reed possesses another very important quality: her warm personality.

“When partners came to A Rood Awakening! International headquarters, they would ask to meet Michael, of course; but the very next person almost everyone would ask for was Anny,” says Scott Laird, Director of Communications, “She has a knack for making people feel really comfortable.”

Reed shares a similar sentiment.

“I had an epiphany. I almost left development in the non-profit world to start working for-profit,” she says. “But now I can’t imagine doing anything other than working with partners, fundraising and helping to bring eternal truth to the world. That’s where my heart is.”

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