In 2001, not long after recording Sodom and Gomorrah, I received a call on my cell phone as I was driving from Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina. The man on the phone had a deep, gruff voice. He invited me to come and stay at his house so that he could talk to me about my ministry and how he could help. I told him that we happened to be on the road to Charlotte at that moment, to which he replied, “You have a place to stay… my house!”

I hung up the phone and told my girls, “We know where we are going to stay when we get to Charlotte. We’re going to stay with a guy who played some kind of sports; Reggie White is his name.”

My daughter Alison spoke up, “Dad! Reggie White is, like, way famous!”

I had been secluded in the Scriptures for so many years that I didn’t even know that “The Minister of Defense” ever existed until that moment.

When we arrived at his home, Reggie toured us through his trophy room and then into the theater — the sacred hideaway reserved for big games on a big screen, hanging out with really big guys. But that day, he put on the first and only episode that I had recorded in Israel: Sodom and Gomorrah.

After watching the episode, Reggie said that he wanted to get involved. He told me that the Carolina Panthers offered him a very enticing bonus to come out of retirement and to help them start their franchise. His name would be a draw on which they could build the entire franchise. Now, he wanted to share his good fortune to help spread the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Reggie, his wife Sara, and I sat around the kitchen table as I told him the story of how the Sodom and Gomorrah episode was shot on borrowed equipment and that I had a contract with TBN/Enlace to produce an entire season on the Feasts of the LORD and related biblical topics. I did not ask him to buy me the cameras and the equipment; I suggested that he buy the equipment, that it belong to him, and as long as I needed it, I would use it and then return it to him. He didn’t go for that; he was thinking bigger than I was.

We lost Reggie in 2004 but his legacy lives on within this ministry. We still use the original equipment he and his wife Sara White purchased and donated to A Rood Awakening! International. In fact, we’ve used it to expand the ministry; though it is older, standard-definition equipment, it is still being used at our Spanish operations in Costa Rica to help get the message out to the Spanish-speaking world. Reggie and Sara also donated the two Torah scrolls you’ve likely seen and photographed if you’ve ever toured our Charlotte, NC headquarters — how we got those is a story for yet another time!

And so, I am grateful for the Carolina Panthers. If they had not started a team here in the Carolinas, if they had not asked Reggie White to come out of retirement and start the franchise, and if he had not listened to the Spirit, A Rood Awakening! International would not be here today. Perhaps YeHoVaH likes football after all.


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