At the time I first published the first edition manuscript of The Chronological Gospels, there were phrases that Yeshua spoke that I still could not wrap my head around, even after more than 40 years of diligent study. But once I had the gospels in my hands, in time-ordered sequence, cause-and-effect began to make sense of the reason things were spoken – and to whom they were spoken.

In the pinnacle of the Messiah’s confrontations with the religious leaders who were repeatedly trying to find fault in him, Yeshua asks them a question that leaves them all speechless — just one question of the Pharisees before his crucifixion that shut their mouths in stunned silence.

For years I asked myself; “Why?”

Then the answer came by direct revelation from Heaven – “a more sure word of prophecy”, as Peter articulated the spiritual reality.TMD-DVD-image_large

I was sovereignly directed to the Aramaic Targamim, commentaries written by the Rabbis in Babylon. There I found the answer to the question the Rabbis refused to answer. Finally, the critical question is answered in this groundbreaking exegesis — a question that has perplexed Biblical scholars and evaded resolution for centuries.

Indeed, anyone can say “Jesus is LORD” — but what is the true gravity of “Yeshua is YeHoVaH?” You can only know it by the Spirit.

This is one of the most important revelations I have received in my life – and it is all about the question of the divinity of Yeshua — get The Messiah Dilemma and answer the question for yourself!


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