The book of The Judges is the answer to why there is no unity in the body of believers today – because it is an ancient prophetic shadow picture of the age in which we now live.

The theme of The Judges is articulated over and over again, and appears in the closing statement as well:

“Because there was no King in Israel, everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.”

The last Judge, Samuel, rebuked Israel by declaring that they always had a king (though not physically present) but by their actions they had rejected his sovereign rule over them.judges-large_01057686-9b0f-4080-bcc6-ee3307752071_large

Even now, Yeshua our King is not physically present with us. Most believers act as if he is not walking among us and sees nothing that is going on in our world of manufactured religion.

I recently completed a 19-episode series on the book of The Judges that takes you from our sojourn at Mount Sinai to the last Judge of Israel who anoints their first ill-advised king.

As in the days of yesteryear, true prophets judge according to the standard of righteousness defined by the Torah and call people back to the path of obedience. And once again, ear-tickling false apostles send themselves out to lure sheeple into their stables for fleecing.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching – and then the wrath of the Messiah, the righteous judge, will be “revealed just a little”.

There will be unity when The King is on his throne in Jerusalem – until then you will hopefully choose to stand with the few, rather than compromise truth for the sake of mass unity. If you want the whole story, you can get it here on DVD.


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