How will you keep the Feast?

In less than two weeks, you have an appointment. After delivering the people from Egypt, the Almighty made this appointment with you and anyone who is willing to listen to him and keep his commandments. This is a standing appointment forever, and it was made so that we don’t lose sight of who YaHoVaH is, what he has done for us, and what is to come in his grand plan. These appointments are holy rehearsals and we must not forget them.

On April 14-16, hundreds of us will gather in Charlotte, NC to make this appointment with our Creator. Together we will remember and celebrate our redemption through the Messiah, Yeshua, at Passover. There will be fellowship, learning, and a delicious 3-course meal. The weekend will be packed with events including Shabbat Night Live, matzoh- making, a youth program, and a firstborn redemption ceremony. Most importantly though, it is an opportunity for us to remember our personal redemption and how it fits into the larger narrative of us as a people, YaHoVaH’s people. Together we will rehearse, through a heart-filling narrative, the events and prophetic meaning of Passover.

Every year, as Passover approaches, the air becomes thick with anticipation and remembrance. Reading through the events of the Month of the Aviv as they happened in 28 CE can bring you to your knees if you understand the gravity of every detail of what was happening. Each event and action was expertly orchestrated by our Creator to fulfill the shadow picture he put into place. And when we walk through the final hours and moments of the Feast, the power of his plan becomes palpable, and the reason for this appointment is clear. This standing appointment is one of the most important ones of your life.

How do you plan to make your appointment with the Almighty? If you are not yet sure, I urge you to join us in Charlotte. It is one of my favorite times of the year, and I would love to experience it with you. When the Almighty called us to keep these appointments, he meant for us to gather together and to experience them in fellowship. I can tell you that it is an extraordinary thing to celebrate the Passover with hundreds of believers from all over the world.

I hope you can come be a part of this special and unique time. And if you have your own gathering planned for Passover, tell us about it! Let us share in the beauty of the season together.

Michael Rood

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