Sometimes people ask me how they can introduce their friends and loved ones to the truth without offending them. The fact is, hearing that you’ve been celebrating the wrong holidays, that you’ve been fed lies, that you’ve been operating under a misunderstanding of the Bible – those are hard pills to swallow. There is always the chance that someone, instead of receiving the truth, will be offended. But I like to tell people: that’s why I’m here! Let ME offend your family and friends! I’m pretty practiced at it.

I’ve heard from people that saw an episode or DVD of mine and immediately heard the truth. It was like it turned on a light in them that had long been unused. I’ve also heard from people saying they hated me when they first saw me. They immediately got defensive and angry when they heard the message I was relaying, but from that point something kept nagging at them. Finally they would come back, and the light would get switched on for them, too. It takes some people a little more time. And then there are those who still reject the message, but at least they have heard. Maybe something is working in their hearts. Whatever the reaction, it’s worth it to get the message to them.

If you are worried that your family and friends won’t take it well when you tell them what you’ve learned, let me do the offending. Just hand them a DVD or point them to your favorite video of mine on YouTube. Here’s a great start:

Relationships are important, and no one likes to lose them. I know.  For years many of my family members shut me out before they came around. But the truth is also important, too. Approach your loved ones with patience and love, and let me take the heat. Your job is to share; mine is to blast them with the truth. I’m revving the engine, ready to take anyone you send my way on a wild ride.

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