So how do you recycle an old, worn out Marine like me?

Give him 6 coronary bypasses, a new TV show, and stand back to see what happens…

Two-and-a-half years ago, after the second time in two years that my heart attacked (and attempted to kill me), I made a firm decision to complete the task which heaven assigned to me more than 40 years ago. I had teams of editors reformatting my materials for free distribution on the Internet: more than 300 programs that comprise more material than is covered in a seminary masters and Th.D. program.

The Chronological Gospels cardI had just published the manuscript version of The Chronological Gospels after 38 years of work restoring the Creator’s Calendar and solving every contradiction resident in the English versions of the Gospels. The morning the manuscript was sent to the publishers, I was getting a life-saving stent in my left anterior descending artery. As I regained my strength, the next mission was to reformat the manuscript into the codex (or “Bible” version) so that the accurate transmission of the words of “THE Prophet” whom we must “shema” (hear and obey) would be accessible to anyone who truly wanted to follow “The Way” that leads to eternal life. Six months later, that mission was accomplished and the first edition was in our hands or the following feast of tabernacles.

Yet The Job Was Not Done

Through the years I have been given very specific revelation to deliver to the faithful. I began telling the full revelation in “The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple” and the 13-hour series on “The Spring and Fall Feasts of the LORD.” The yearly publication of the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar and the companion 4.5-hour DVD series on “The Creator’s Calendar” put the creator’s reckoning of time before those who wanted to understand how and when Yeshua fulfilled the spring feasts as recorded in the Gospels (finally, the whole world could learn to “count to 3”). I then presented the current evidence that the Creator still runs the universe as Yeshua will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD according to His calendar – regardless of why a group of rabbis changed the reckoning of the calendar in 359 CE.

While we hear “lip service” cries of “unity” from the most spineless corners of the Messianic movement, I say, “to hell with unity!” I want truth rather than compromise for the sake of getting along with Judah, the Pope, or the Dalai Lama.

Viva La Truth

The 4.5-hour expose of the Pharisees’ takanot that Yeshua condemned, which slammed my eyes wide open to the true Gospel of the Kingdom, was detailed in “Raiders of the Lost Book”. Even with the prophetically significant “The Sinai Connection – Israel’s Ancient Title Deed to the Land” and my exposure of the pre-tribulation rapture heresy in “The Mystery of Iniquity”, my job was still not done.

I had neither finished the course that was laid before me after my second-grade bedside commitment to the Almighty – nor had I run my race to completion.

ARA YouTube pageSome years ago, I made a conscious decision to focus my ministry efforts on getting the specific revelation that was committed to me into the digital domain where I could reach the world and make the Gospel of the Kingdom free of charge to all who had the technology to take advantage of it. In so doing, I realized that I would, out of necessity, temporarily leave behind those who did not have high speed Internet. So, two years ago, I made the decision that has the potential to change the world – even more so than the more than 200 million minutes of viewing our YouTube channel has hosted over the past year.

The Dash To The Finish Line

As I laid in the emergency room 2.5 years ago, a flood of peace washed over me. I realized that I had accomplished the most important task of my life. I had published The Chronological Gospels and was leaving to the world behind with a gift that had taken a lifetime of walking by the Spirit to accomplish.

I looked back on the divine interruptions in my life that led me down the path of serving the Almighty since I was child. Warm tears streamed down my face; if this was the end for me – I was ready to await the return of Yeshua to raise my corrupted carcass and transform it to a body equipped to last forever.

As the minutes passed, and I was still alive, I prayed for more time – time to preach the message Yeshua taught by word and deed. Time to preach the “this Gospel” that Yeshua declared “must be preached in all the world”.

The following year, I chose my topics carefully: “If this is the last teaching series that I do in this life, what is the most important message to deliver?” The ache in my chest kept growing with each passing month, and yet I was able to record the most significant revelations and master them to DVD for the sake of those who not have, and may never have, broadband Internet service. Great expense turned each of these series into their high definition, broadcast format that airs on the Inspiration Network, the Gospel Channel, Enlace (in Spanish), and a dozen other networks, which reach more than 180 countries worldwide. I now make these revelationary” teachings available on DVD to you to share with your friends, family, and acquaintances around the world.


After this initial task was completed, I then left our studio in Charlotte for Paraguay to minister to hundreds gathered for a week of prophetic understanding. Hundreds drove and flew in from the surrounding nations. Five Mennonite communities were represented as well as dozens of pastors who have transformed their entire congregations from following pagan Roman traditions to honoring the Sabbath and celebrating the Feasts of the LORD.

We moved on to Argentina where our Spanish materials are now manufactured and distributed to all the Christian bookstores in South America. Next stop was San Jose, Costa Rica where a dozen high definition billboards announced our event at the Cine Magali Theater for the two weeks preceding our arrival. Then onto Iceland where our programs are beamed to all of Europe.

In Liverpool and London, England I lectured to packed houses and then we moved onto Brussels, Belgium, Heidelberg and Berlin, Germany, and finally Amsterdam – the Roods’ ancestral hometown where Anshel Rood started the first Ashkenazi synagogue in his home and I.M. Rood built the modern synagogue structures in the late 1700s. There I spoke for 7 hours straight.

After the European tour, I headed to Costa Rica for 3 days of rest and to plan our spring Israel Tour extravaganza.

The day after I arrived, I had another heart attack and a stroke, which severely affected my vision.

A week after leaving the VA Hospital, I taught for 5 hours at the Hanukkah weekend. I was very excited that I could still speak distinctly and read a computer screen (in a giant font), but my trip to India to address a 25,000-person, week-long conference had to be canceled and our trip to Israel to begin filming The Chronological Gospels television series was now in jeopardy.

Michael in hospital - heart surgeryAt the end of February, my chest was hurting so badly I could not sleep at night. A catheterization revealed that my heart was running on about 12% of the oxygen it was supposed to be getting and I needed immediate bypass surgery.

With no health insurance, the prospects were not favorable. My family put out a request for help from our supporters who generously supplied all the funds needed for my surgery.

Four weeks later, my most excellent surgeon said, “I gave you six new arteries which are as big, if not bigger, than you started with. You are good for another 15 years.” I replied, “Fifteen years will have me outlive both my father and grandfather – King Hezekiah also got 15 more years – I’ll take it.” He responded enthusiastically, “Go for it!” He took The Chronological Gospels under his arm and bid me “God speed.”

Four weeks after surgery, I conducted a 4-hour Passover seder with the help of my staff, family, and friends. Six weeks later, I was leading the spring Israel Tour through the ashen remains of the city of Gomorrah.

Thanks To You

The only way I know to thank you for standing with me and sacrificing so deeply to pay for my surgery is to get back in the ring and “go for it!”

I’ve lost 50 pounds. I am walking for several miles every day. I am in the gym for swimming and weight training 5 days a week.

unnamed-1I am coming back to Shabbat Night Live to take on the entire world of perverts, politicians, and Popes beginning in September. I am launching a new, LIVE, interactive study of The Chronological Gospels each Wednesday night beginning late September – after I return from Israel where I will film (as was supposed to happen in March) the first 13 sessions of The Chronological Gospels broadcast series for television.

More than $200,000 was raised to pay for my surgery. For this, I will always be indebted to you. You saved my life.

For several years, I got up off the bed and continued to walk in faith. I ran the race like a 100-yard dash and then remembered it was a marathon every time I picked myself up off the ground. Finally, my heart gave up. Without heroic intervention – and in any other generation – I would be just plain dead. So, THANK YOU! And I thank YeHoVaH for sparing me and giving me and undesignated amount of time to make another assault on the kingdom of darkness.

We are in a war. We choose whether to fight a defensive war to ward off satan’s attacks against us – or an offensive war where we rip his kingdom apart and set the captives free. I am on the offensive. I am deliberately offensive. Join me in the attack!


After the sacrificial giving of so many to save me in my darkest hour, we have found the ministry in a tough situation. Between my intercontinental mission trips and the breakdown of my physical body, I have been relatively absent from the screen and stage for more than a year. But the work of the ministry and our worldwide outreach has continued to grow exponentially this past year.

But recently we had to make a decision we have never had to make before: which bills can we pay without affecting payroll for our staff, who are diligently working to get our free message out to the world?

If you can help me make it over this current hurdle, I would be eternally grateful. I really need a big check – if you can make that sacrifice. Your support is needed — now!

After filming these teaching series for a year-and-a-half and then being on the road or in the hospital during this past year, it is a miracle that the ministry has survived my absence…

But I am back…



And some would say even a little greener fighting machine for the Kingdom.

The Messianic Matador is going to take the religious “bull” of this generation by the horns once again and I am going to run it through its heart with a sword of truth. Together we will roast it on the altar as our mutual sacrifice to the one and only God – the Creator of the heavens and the earth in honor of his Son, our Savior, King, and Judge, Yeshua the Messiah.



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