Hebrew & Greek Word Glossary

Whether you’re just discovering the Hebrew roots of your faith or you’ve been diving deep for a long time, sometimes Michael Rood may use a Hebrew or Greek term you’ve never heard before. Here are some of the most common terms used in A Rood Awakening! International teachings:

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The literal pronunciation of the name of God in Hebrew, thought to be lost to antiquity. However, recent forensics of ancient manuscripts have revealed more than 700 manuscripts with the rare vowel markings necessary to properly pronounce the Name. Appears over 6,800 times in the Hebrew Bible.

YeHoVaH Tzevaot
The "LORD of Hosts" or "LORD of Armies", the military leader of heaven's army (i.e. "heavenly host")

The proper pronunciation of Jesus’ real, Hebrew name. The name of the Messiah as given to Mary by the angel Gabriel. It is derived from the name Yehoshua (Joshua), which means Yehovah saves.

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