June 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter…
Could shortwave radio really be the future of Michael Rood’s ministry around the world — and why?

Shavuot is just around the corner; discover what we can learn from this feast with Anny Reed!

And have you shared your story with us yet? Your testimony could be in our “Letters from Home” segment.


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Rood Review Newsletter: April 2016

Have You Started Your COLLECTION?

Get the scoop on Michael’s 20-episode box set, PLUS…

April Love Gift includes The Jonah Code DVD set!
The “box” for The Ministry of Messiah 20-disc box set is now available!
Discover how terrorists’ plans were literally washed away by YeHoVaH
Read a fascinating testimony from a Lebanese Muslim
Learn […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: February 2016


Check out the BRAND NEW Wednesday Night Bible Study, PLUS…

Setting the record straight with a new 20-teaching series
Passover 2016 – how to get your tickets!
Get a new teaching and a sterling silver necklace when you give in February
The 2016-17 Biblical Hebrew Calendar is ready for pre-orders now!
Join our […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: January 2016

More Teachings… More Often!

There is a TON of great new teaching material coming very soon from Michael Rood! PLUS…

Details on the all-new Ambassador Club
New Aviv Fellowships popping up all over the world
A new Love Gift featuring the first in a 20-teaching collector’s set
A money-saving bundle featuring The Chronological Gospels […]

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How To Conquer Fear

I arrived to the United States at age 6. I didn’t speak English or know anyone. We left our homeland, Mexico, where we had family, a beautiful home, and stability for the American dream.

When we first arrived we had no place to live. We lived on the living room floor at my father’s boss’s house for […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: April 2015

A Living Sacrifice

There is a long, straight scar stretching the length of my father’s chest – a narrow path of a scar that leads to his heart, beating the rhythm of his life. This scar is where, a few weeks ago, they cut him open.

Read Sara Rood’s Commentary

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Update on Michael’s Condition – Looking Great!

Just a quick update on Michael Rood’s condition… he’s doing great!

Michael popped into the office for a few minutes to say hello and he is doing just fine. He is walking without assistance and growing stronger all the time.

The only pain he has is when we make him laugh (laughter is good medicine, but not […]

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Because We Are Family

When I first heard about Michael’s need for surgery and his predicament with health insurance I knew we could do it.

I knew it because you are not only a partner — you are family.

And we knew that if you, our family, knew the need we had to raise the money to help save Michael’s life […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: March 2015


The fulfillment of the spring feasts is something to celebrate with glad hearts. We are reminded that the Creator has a plan — a plan that ends with victory, even in our darkest moments… victory that has overcome the world.

Read Michael’s Commentary

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Go Behind The Scenes With Michael Rood

“Shabbat Talk with Anny” is a new feature on the A Rood Awakening blog! Let us know if you enjoy reading it — please share and “like” on social media.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

It is overwhelming when you see the power that a camera has in creating a story.

Yet, it captures only a small part of the […]

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