What Is Yom Kippur?


Blessings from A Rood Awakening! and Michael Rood. We have Yom Kippur right around the corner and we just wanted to take this opportunity to give you some education on what it is and why we should keep it as believers, as Christians, and as any people of God.  

The first question is when you […]

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Making Connections

I have talked myself hoarse more times than I can count. I have been awake in the wee hours of the morning over and over and over. I have pulled all nighters despite no deadlines, and I have traveled enough distance to equate circling the earth many times over.

Sometimes friends and family tell me I’m […]

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Women In Ministry

Recently I was involved in a discussion about the role of women in society according to the Scriptures.   I won’t reveal the depths of that extremely divided conversation. But that very week, the women of A Rood Awakening! International were surprised with a special day organized by the men of A Rood Awakening! International.

It was […]

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What is Shavuot or Pentacost?
By Michael Rood

In the weeks following the first Passover, the Israelites traveled through the desert carrying everything they had with them. The counting of the Omer every year that starts at Firstfruits reflects this journey of the Israelites to the base of Mount Sinai. And when the count ends, we reach […]

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How To Celebrate Passover & The Feast of Unleavened Bread  

When is Passover?

Passover this year is expected to be sundown, April 11 to sundown, April 12, 2017.

Is Passover the Last Supper?

NO!  Yeshua will literally fulfill all of the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Passover.  The rehearsal in the Temple was just a shadow of the fulfillment that was about to occur in the Kingdom […]

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Year-End Giving: December Rood Review Newsletter

How much this ministry does… is up to YOU!
YEAR-END GIVING OPTIONS is the topic of this month’s newsletter, now available for download!

If Michael Rood’s teachings have blessed you this is your chance to bring the truth to others!

Discover why your gift by December 31 is so important!


Here’s an excerpt from Michael’s letter…
“How much more we […]

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November 2016 Newsletter

You have enough… even if you don’t THINK you do!
LIVING IN ABUNDANCE is the topic of this month’s newsletter, now available for download!

See what Michael has to say about living in abundance instead of being afraid of not having enough!

Read powerful testimonies from people who have benefitted from this ministry — thanks to your giving!


Here’s […]

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October 2016 Newsletter

The Chronological Gospels is NOW ON TV! Details in this month’s newsletter…
IT’S OFFICIAL… Michael shares a preview of The Chronological Gospels Show, now on Dish Network and AvivTV.com

Check out the Aviv TV guide with details and showtimes for all of this month’s shows!

Get a beautiful 4×5-foot chenille throw with your Love Gift teaching this month – […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: August 2016

In this month’s newsletter…
Newsletter exclusive… EXCITING DETAILS about our next feast event: YOM TERUAH including Michael Rood, Bill Cloud, and a former Islamic terrorist!

Learn how to reverse the symptoms of disease – Scott Laird, ND tells you how in his “Health Hacks” column!

NEW – The Israel Tour 2017 is now booking! – Find out about this year’s tour and […]

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July 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter…
You could WIN a trip to Israel just by sharing your story of how A Rood Awakening gave you a… well… rude awakening!

NEW Prayer Calendar – Pray for the same needs in unison with Rood fans all over the world, every week in July!

NEW Love Gift Subscription – Get every love gift, every month, […]

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