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The Book of The Judges — A Shadow Picture of Today

The book of The Judges is the answer to why there is no unity in the body of believers today – because it is an ancient prophetic shadow picture of the age in which we now live.

The theme of The Judges is articulated over and over again, and appears in the closing statement as well:
“Because […]

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The Question the Rabbis Were Afraid To Answer

At the time I first published the first edition manuscript of The Chronological Gospels, there were phrases that Yeshua spoke that I still could not wrap my head around, even after more than 40 years of diligent study. But once I had the gospels in my hands, in time-ordered sequence, cause-and-effect began to make sense […]

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Do “Torah Portions” Miss The Point?

If you have been a seeker of truth for any length of time, you have likely heard about or participated in Bible studies on Shabbat that focused on reading the “Torah portions.” I know the routine — I’ve been there.

For years, we gathered in my home in Jerusalem to read and study the Torah portions […]

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How Do You Recycle An Old, Worn Out Marine?

So how do you recycle an old, worn out Marine like me?

Give him 6 coronary bypasses, a new TV show, and stand back to see what happens…

Two-and-a-half years ago, after the second time in two years that my heart attacked (and attempted to kill me), I made a firm decision to complete the task which […]

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Who Needs Amazon Prime? Get 80% off Instead!

I came into the office this morning and they told me that it’s Amazon Prime Day – 70% off on Amazon… for garbage!

What we’re going to do is 80% off for the TRUTH!

We’re offering 80% off select books and DVDs — it’s unbelievable!

This is your opportunity to save: SHOP NOW!

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A Message from Michael: It’s Called “Acts” for a Reason

“Acts” starts the very first day after the Messiah’s 70-week ministry had concluded, when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. The apostles received this gift of the Holy Spirit, as was promised by Yeshua immediately prior to his ascension:
“But, I am telling you that you shall receive power after the Ruach Kodesh comes upon you, […]

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A Message from Michael: Portrait of The Messiah

When I see portraits of the Messiah, written or painted, I often wince at the weak, timid portrayals so often seen today.

Eyes rolled back and hands delicately poised, these representations paint a very specific picture – a picture of a Messiah who expects nothing and whom you can walk all over, a picture of grace […]

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YOU are Lydia: A Message from Michael

Shalom, Torah fan. I want to make something abundantly clear…

A Rood Awakening! International does not, as other television ministries, build country clubs for the wealthy in Ariel, Israel, nor do we put our names in two-foot tall stainless steel letters on the building for all to see.

We do not have a “Night to Honor Israel” in order […]

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A Message From Michael: Your Purpose Is Coming…

I have four daughters. When they each graduated, there were many things I wanted to give them, but I especially wanted them to have something that would last them forever – something they could pull out at their most discouraged to give them hope. They were about to embark upon that great search for their […]

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Know the Words of Your Father

This week in biblical history, Yeshua was mikveh’d in the Jordan. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on a 40-day fast in the desert, as we read in Matthew chapter 4:
Matthew 4:3 Then the tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of the Almighty, command that these stones be made bread.” 4But Yeshua […]

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