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Staying Healthy Through The Pagan Holidays

While I don’t assume you’ll be taking part in Saturnalia on December 25th, let’s be honest… you may be asked to visit with family you haven’t seen in a while at this time of year.

And you’ll likely be eating a meal or two together… food that is contrary to your regular diet (albeit clean food, that is), which […]

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10-Year-Old Discovers Cancer Cure (?)

When I was 10 years old, Dad sent me out into the yard with a 5-gallon pail and a tool that looked like a broomstick with calipers on the end; it was a weed digger.

To use the tool, you would simply find a weed, stab the calipers into ground around the weed, step on the […]

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Herbicide or Homicide? You Decide…

In the beginning, YeHoVaH commissioned us to “subdue” the earth — that doesn’t mean rule over it, but rather look after it. Farming chemicals are one BIG example of how we’re not doing our job… and endangering our own lives.

Roundup (the most common herbicide in the world) is the best example of this.

Originally developed in […]

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Postmenopausal Diabetics Benefit Most From Diet and Exercise

Proper diet (a plant-based diet was YeHoVaH’s original plan for us in Genesis 1:29) and exercise is always a winner. But studies are showing that the ultimate winner of a plant-based diet and moderate exercise routine is postmenopausal women with diabetes.

First, the diabetes part.

A study from the Czech Republic has found that “a calorie-restricted vegetarian diet had greater […]

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Midlife Fitness Predicts Long-Term Heart Health

Research is showing that a person’s fitness level at midlife is a strong predictor of long-term heart health, proving just as reliable as traditional risk factors like cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings.

The research focuses on how fast a person can run one mile:

High fitness: 8 minutes (men), 9 minutes (women)
Moderate fitness: 9 minutes (men), 10.5 minutes (women)
Low fitness: 10 minutes+ (men), […]

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Exercise Makes Kids Smarter

It’s a zoo at our house lately — well, actually it’s more like the Olympics.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s really busy around here!

While taking a breather between gymnastics competitions for my 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son, we found some interesting research from Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS).

They discovered that exercise is good not only for the […]

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Can You Translate “Manganese?”

Everyone thinks they know about health… but sometimes things get “lost in translation”.

As a naturopath, I hear people say this all the time:
“Manganese? Sure, that’s what you need to balance calcium, right?”
Actually, that’s magnesium.

Manganese is important, too, but nobody really knows what it does — even though you’re probably getting a ton of it if […]

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The Best Flu Advice of All Time

I won’t keep you in suspense on this one.

The greatest flu advice of all time is to not get the flu at all. Easier said than done, right?

Maybe not.

Let’s break this down and analyze it a little. What causes the flu (or a cold, or any disease for that matter)?

The fact is, you get sick because your immune system was caught […]

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