Rocket Sirens in Golan: The IDF investigated what triggered the sirens; it was deemed to be a false alarm.


Anti-Semitism in Rio: There was a Swastika painted inside a Star of David on Rio de Janeiro Jewish Club’s wall. The Nazi symbol, drawn backwards, appeared inside the three-foot-tall Jewish symbol that identifies the Brazilian Israelite Club, a Jewish institution attended by Jews and non-Jews and whose doors commonly remain open for neighborhood events.


Thousands of Orthodox Jews Protest IDF Draft Law in New York: Anti-Zionist Satmar Hasidic group joins Israeli Orthodox in campaign against Orthodox conscription into the IDF.

NEW YORK- Close to 20,000 Orthodox Jews gathered on Sunday at the Barclays Center basketball arena in Brooklyn to protest the Israeli law mandating Orthodox conscription into the IDF, which they described as “Israel’s persecution of religious Jews.”


Israeli Minister Advances Bill to Cut PA Funds Over Terrorist Stipend: The Knesset will vote Wednesday on a bill that would require the government to subtract the money the Palestinian Authority gives to terrorists and their families from tax and tariff revenue Israel collects on behalf of the PA.

The measure, which the Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted on Sunday to advance, is modeled after the Taylor Force Act in the US. That law is named after a former US Army officer whom a Palestinian terrorist killed in Jaffa last year.

In addition, the bill to stop convicts is delayed.


Israel Cedes to PA Demand to Cut Gaza’s Electricity by 40 Percent

The drop in electricity is part of the PA’s push to pressure Hamas to rescind its control of Gaza.

Israel’s security cabinet agreed late Sunday night to cut the electricity it sends to Gaza by 40 percent, not that the Palestinian Authority has said it intends to only pay 60% of its monthly bill, Army Radio reported.

The two million people in the Hamas-controlled Strip will now have only two to three hours of power a day, down from four hours of electricity they have lived on since April.


Israeli Police Temporarily Closes Off the Temple Mount

Two Arab assailants arrested for throwing rock at Jewish visitors, lightly wounding one.


UNRWA Should Be Dismantled, Netanyahu Told Nikki Haley

Jerusalem Post reported, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that he had told US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley during her visit last week that the United Nations should consider shutting down operations of its Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Netanyahu’s remarks came after UNRWA faced backlash over the weekend after the body announced discovering a Hamas tunnel underneath two of their schools in the Gaza Strip.

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