Israeli News Today: By David Weissman

    • The principal of a Haredi elementary school of Tiferet Yaakov was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport upon his return from a trip abroad, reported Kikar news. The source of the allegation was alleged money laundering. The elementary school principal has been on several missions to help raise money for the “Peleg Yerushalmi” schools. The Haredi community felt the arrest is unjust and it is a response to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s “threat” to “deal with those who resist drafting into the IDF”.
    • Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke about his upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said one of the most important issues they will discuss is Iran’s attempt to establish an agreement with Syria. With or without Syria’s agreement, Iran will attempt to establish a permanent Military presence in Syria, on land and sea. Iran is also attempting to slowly open a front with Israel in the Golan Heights. Bibi also said he will inform Putin about his extreme oppositions to this plan, and the possibility that Israel will choose to attack. He hopes they will be able to come to the understandings necessary to prevent as much as possible confrontations between Russian and Israeli forces, just as they have been able to do until now.
    • The new ambassador to Turkey says sending gas via Cyprus would speed up the Israel-Turkey gas project. The new Israeli ambassador to Ankara said “A Cyprus peace deal would most definitely speed up Israel’s project to provide gas to Turkey. Eitan Naeh became the first Israeli ambassador to Turkey when relations resumed in the summer after a six-year diplomatic rift. “This solution would make life easier for all”, the ambassador told reporters. “We think that the solution to the Cyprus problem can speed up the energy project,” Naeh said, adding it was a “win-win” for everyone.
    • The Interior Minister orders Arab regional council to remove a sign naming a street after arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat. Last week, wounded IDF combat soldier Liran Baruch discovered the street sign after Waze [a GPS navigation application] showed it on a map of the region. Baruch said, “A friend of mine who was on his way to reserve duty near the village noticed on Waze that there was a street named after Yasser Arafat. He pointed this out to me, and I wrote a post on Facebook about it. “Arafat murdered more Israelis than the number of Americans Bin Laden murdered.” PM Netanyahu said, “I spoke with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) about the matter, and Deri said the Interior Ministry had not approved the street’s name. “Israel will not allow a street to be named after Arafat, and we will work to remove the street sign.”

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