Proper diet (a plant-based diet was YeHoVaH’s original plan for us in Genesis 1:29) and exercise is always a winner. But studies are showing that the ultimate winner of a plant-based diet and moderate exercise routine is postmenopausal women with diabetes.

First, the diabetes part.

A study from the Czech Republic has found that “a calorie-restricted vegetarian diet had greater capacity to improve insulin sensitivity compared with a conventional diabetic diet over 24 weeks … the addition of exercise training further augmented the improved outcomes with the vegetarian diet.”

With this in mind, another study on the effectiveness of diet and exercise for postmenopausal women becomes all the more intriguing…

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has found that, in postmenopausal women, “when it comes to losing weight and body fat, diet and exercise are most effective when done together as compared to either strategy alone.”

That’s great news for a demographic who typically has a tough time losing weight – and often has diabetes. As the second study’s director confirmed: “even [a] modest amount of weight [loss] can bring health benefits such as a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.”

So, if you’re in the popular camp of postmenopausal women with diabetes and a few pounds to lose, I have a solution for you: YeHoVaH’s original, plant-based diet found in Genesis 1:29.

Now, if you’re looking for some Torah-based teaching on the subject of a plant-based diet, I great friend of mine, Paul Nison (aka The Health Watchman) has a fabulous 90-minute presentation on his YouTube page, called Health & Diet According to The Scriptures – check it out!

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