In the beginning, YeHoVaH commissioned us to “subdue” the earth — that doesn’t mean rule over it, but rather look after it. Farming chemicals are one BIG example of how we’re not doing our job… and endangering our own lives.

Roundup (the most common herbicide in the world) is the best example of this.

Originally developed in 1974, Roundup was not intended to be a weed killer, but a chelator (KEY-lator). The word “chelation”, in chemical terms, is the molecular equivalent of grasping and pulling away.

Roundup kills weeds in this manner. It chelates nutrients; it grabs on, making the nutrients unavailable to the plant. Without proper nutrition, the plant becomes weak, which leads to disease that eventually kills it.

And it doesn’t get “washed off” at harvest. It gets a free ride into your body where it continues to chelate nutrients, preventing nutrients from being absorbed not just from the plant, but from the host that eats the plants: YOU.

“Plants treated with Roundup have a reduction in available nutrients; they’re weak and they’re sick,” explains author and consumer activist, Jeffrey Smith, who heads the Institute for Responsible Technology.

“When we eat the animals that eat the plants or eat the plants ourselves, then we may become weak and sick. In addition, the residues of Roundup inside the plant can end up in our bodies where they can chelate (hug) some of the nutrients that are in our bodies, making them less available [to us] as well.”

It is amazing how one simple change to a plant on a genetic level can have such devastating effects all the way up the food chain, even to human health.

Clearly, our arrogance is leading to our own destruction; what we are doing to the world — thinking that we have the right to change something in YeHoVaH’s creation to suit our own short-sighted ideas, no matter how miniscule — is coming back to bite us.

We have forgotten that our bodies are the crown jewel, the culmination of all creation; we have forgotten that everything we do to the world on a macroscopic level — “creating” plants that have no place in the ecosystem — will boomerang right back to us, creating environments in the ecosystem of our own bodies that lead to the same weakness, disease, and destruction that we inflicted upon the food we eat.

It’s perfect justice for such a transgression.

Woe to you, destroyer, you who have not been destroyed!
Woe to you, betrayer, you who have not been betrayed!
When you stop destroying, you will be destroyed;
When you stop betraying, you will be betrayed.

~ Isaiah 33:1

There is a passage in the book of Joel that is particularly provocative regarding our suffering due to interfering with our food. In Joel 1:15-17, the prophet states:

“Oh no! The Day! The Day of ADONAI is upon us! As destruction from Shaddai it is coming! The food is cut off before our very eyes, also joy and gladness from the house of our God. The seed-grain is rotting in its furrows; the granaries are deserted, the barns in ruins; because the grain has withered.”

The reason why this passage stands out is because the word ‘seed’ is not the typical Hebrew word ‘zera’ that is used for ‘seed’ throughout the Bible — it is the Hebrew word for ‘mule’.

The translators rendered it as such because of the context: When you mix two things the field, just as you mix a horse with a donkey to produce a mule, the result is sterility; it can’t produce anymore.

The very practice of genetic modification is the ‘mule’ that will cause the prophesied destruction in Joel: The rotting grain, the empty granaries, and withered grain.

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