What is “First fruits”?

Many people ask our Prayer Warriors here at A Rood Awakening! International this very important question…“Is the First Fruits offering still important to us in modern times?” Our answer is a resounding YES!

The day of firstfruits is celebrated in the early spring at the time of the Aviv Barley in the land of Israel. It was observed on Nisan 18, which was when Yeshua was raised from the dead. Firstfruits was a time of thanksgiving for God’s provision.

No grain was to be harvested at all until the firstfruits offering was brought to Yah (Leviticus 23:14). The offering was made in remembrance of Israel’s sojourn in Egypt, Yah’s deliverance from slavery, and their possession of “a land that floweth with milk and honey”.

In the New Testament, the firstfruits offering is mentioned seven times, always symbolically. Paul calls Epaenetus and the household of Stephanas “the firstfruits of Achaia” (Romans 16:51 Corinthians 16:15). His meaning is that, just as the firstfruits offering was the first portion of a larger harvest, these individuals were the first of many converts in that region. James calls believers “a kind of firstfruits of His creatures” (James 1:18). Just like the sheaf of grain was set apart for the LORD, so are believers set apart for Yah’s glory.

The firstfruits offering is never directly applied to our giving in the New Testament. However, Paul taught the Corinthian believers to set aside a collection “on the first day of the week” (1 Corinthians 16:2). And, just as the offering of firstfruits was an occasion of thanksgiving, so we are to give with gladness.

In summary, firstfruits symbolizes Yah’s harvest of souls; it illustrates giving to Yah from a grateful heart; and it sets a pattern of giving back to Him the first (and the best) of what He has given us.

When you think about it, you never want to hold back from Yah. Be cheerful in giving your firstfruits to him. There really is no better show of Love than to release your heart and your finances to the Father.

If you feel that A Rood Awakening! International has served and fed you, would you consider giving your firstfruits offering here to this ministry?

Your offering will take the Truth of The Gospel to the world.



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