If you want to help, this is it! Stand with Michael Rood…

Dear Torah fan,

I need to talk to you about something. You know that we sink every dollar of your donation into getting the gospel of the kingdom out to the world. We don’t buy Lear jets. We don’t build mega-churches (though we have a mega-church online every week). We broadcast Yeshua’s teachings. And that does not come without great expense. You may get to watch it for free, but behind the scenes, there are expenses like buying airtime so that you can see the program, cameras, lighting, computers, salaries, and everything else it takes for you to see what you see each week.

If you want to continue receiving these teachings, we need your help.

Specifically, the broadcast cameras that we use have a 2- to 3-year lifespan — that’s just the nature of broadcast technology. Our current cameras are now 6 years old, and every day we thankful that they still work. If you want us to continue providing YeHoVaH’s truth to networks around the world, we need to act now to replace our failing equipment. And since you are this ministry’s only sponsor, I’m coming to you to ask for help.

If this ministry has helped to change your life; if you want to do something for us in return; if you want to know how you can help us change more lives… this is it.

How much you give is between you and the heavenly Father. The only thing I ask is that you be serious about it. I shouldn’t have to take out a loan from a bank — nor will I.  Be honest with yourself and be honest with the Almighty about giving your very best. You give your best at your workplace. You give your best to your family. Giving your best to the Almighty for what he is doing in your life through this ministry is your reasonable service.

You can make your gift at ARoodAwakening.tv/Give or call our partner services team at 888.766.3610

Thank you.

Michael Rood

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