This month on Rood Crew Radio, Anny Reed and Scott Laird join us to talk about what’s happening on Shabbat Night Live this month. Also, Scott will update us on this month’s Health Awakening Show and if you’re interested in helping support A Rood Awakening, you’ll learn about May’s love gift. Also, on today’s program, Matthew Hall will tell us about what’s happening with Aviv Fellowships and did you ever wonder about Shavuot? Well, stay with us to learn more about this wonderful feast time, all on the May edition of Rood Crew Radio.

Scott and Anny Segment Excerpt:

Tedd Clayton: Hey, welcome, everybody, to Rood Crew Radio. I’m the chief operating officer A Rood Awakening International. My name’s Tedd Clayton and this is going to be a monthly radio show to update you on what’s happening here at A Rood Awakening International and right now in our first segment today, I’d like to talk with Anny Reed and Scott Laird. Guys, welcome to the program.

Scott Laird: Hey, Tedd.

Anny Reed: Thank you for having us.

Tedd Clayton: Well, Anny, tell us what you do here at A Rood Awakening.

Anny Reed: I am the Director of Ministry Development and essentially, I am making sure that we are continuing to grow across the board, not just spiritually, but in all things radio, television, and partner wise.

Tedd Clayton: So you got a big job around here.

Anny Reed: That’s right, I do. Lot of shoes to fill.

Tedd Clayton: That’s right. That’s right. Scott, whatchu do around here?

Scott Laird: I’m the Communications Director. So I head up the guys who do all the artwork and things for the DVDs and such and everything that you see on Shabbat Night Live, all the images anywhere you see and all the copy, all the wording that comes out of A Rood Awakening International and also I’m the Director of Biblical Health Development, which means I’m trying to keep everybody healthy, Biblical wise.

Tedd Clayton: Oh, well great, great. Well, speaking of Shabbat Night Live, Anny, in the month of May, what’s coming up on Shabbat Night Live this month?


Matthew Hall Segment Excerpt:

Tedd Clayton: Hey, welcome back to Rood Crew Radio. I’m your host, Tedd Clayton, and on this segment, we have my good friend, Matthew Hall with us here. Matthew, welcome to the program.

Matthew Hall: Hey, Tedd. Good to be here.

Tedd Clayton: Well, listen. Tell me. What do you do here at A Rood Awakening International?

Matthew Hall: So I think you need to rephrase that question. It should be what do you not do here at A Rood Awakening. [crosstalk 00:09:40] No, I’ve been here for about four years and I’ve probably done just about everything you could do. But these days, I focus mainly on the website. We’ve got actually quite a few websites growing and the main one being So I oversee all of the web development, making sure that everything’s up and running online for people and my weekend broadcast and everything like that and then we also have a growing IT department here. So I oversee a lot of the IT type issues that are going on at A Rood Awakening.

Tedd Clayton: Okay. Well, Matthew, I know that there’s a new initiative that’s taking place at A Rood Awakening called Michael Rood TV. Tell us a little bit about that and what is Michael Rood TV and how can people watch it at home?

Matthew Hall: Well, I would say probably six months ago, we started talking about getting into what we call new media and that’s things like Apple iPhone apps, Android apps, a lot of new programs that are popping up on Amazon Fire, Apple TV and so we see a whole generation of people that are moving away from either cable television or even just going to a website and finding stuff online. They’ve got all these new devices. Everything’s getting fancy. So people want to access content on their mobile devices. So we talked about, how is A Rood Awakening gonna get involved in that so that we’re positioned to where we can be in front of these people because it’s a whole new generation of people and all of these platforms are very exciting and so we said, “Well, let’s talk about this. Let’s do a Michael Rood TV,” because we’d already had a website that we were developing and we kind of launched that and that was gonna house basically all of Michael’s content, things that he’s done in a digital format that people can access it easily.

So we kind of piggybacked on that and went into the development stage of our Michael Rood TV app and what that is is basically everything is integrated, our website, Michael Rood TV, the iPhone app, the Android app, the Apple TV channel app and then we’ve actually got our Amazon Fire channel coming out here before too long. I think we’re maybe a few weeks away from that.


Matthew Weimer and Bethany Hall Segment Excerpt:

Tedd Clayton: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Rood Crew Radio. I’m Tedd Clayton, once again, and in this segment, we are blessed to have Matthew [Weimer 00:18:44] and Bethany Hall with us. Welcome to the program, folks.

Matthew Weimer: Thanks, Tedd.

Bethany Hall: Thank you.

Tedd Clayton: Okay, so, Bethany, what do you do here at A Rood Awakening?

Bethany Hall: I am part of the Partner Services, so answering phones, taking orders, helping with Biblical questions, emails, stuff like that.

Tedd Clayton: Oh, wonderful and Matthew, what do you do? You kind of do the same thing, don’t you? You work in the same department, don’t you?

Matthew Weimer: I do. Yeah. It’s definitely answering phones, taking orders, answering questions, whether that comes over the phone or through the website, anything like that.

Tedd Clayton: Well, now do you guys, are you also the Prayer Warriors with the ministry as well? Do you pray with folks as well?

Bethany Hall: Yes.

Matthew Weimer: We do.

Tedd Clayton: Okay, good. Wonderful, wonderful. So in this segment, we wanted to find out more about Shavuot and what’s Shavuot all about? So we got our resident expert here, Matthew Weimer, with us to talk about what Shavuot is and what’s Shavuot’s all about. Now pretend I don’t know anything about Shavuot and I’m a new person to the Hebrew roots. How would you explain Shavuot to folks?


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