What Is Yom Kippur?


Blessings from A Rood Awakening! and Michael Rood. We have Yom Kippur right around the corner and we just wanted to take this opportunity to give you some education on what it is and why we should keep it as believers, as Christians, and as any people of God.  

The first question is when you […]

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SPECIAL UPDATE FROM ISRAEL: Michael Rood talks about “the great sign in the heavens”

The following is a transcript of a video Michael Rood recorded on the morning of September 21 from Jerusalem, Israel:


Shalom Torah fans. This is Michael Rood and I’m in the old city of Jerusalem at Christ Church and tonight we are getting together with a great number of people right outside of Joppa Gate to […]

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Is September 23 the end of the age?

The following is a transcript of a video Michael Rood recorded in response to the media excitement about September 23, 2017…


I understand that you are hearing a lot about the solar eclipse of August 21st and the supposed great sign in the heavens on September 23rd (2017).

But before selling everything and wrapping up in a […]

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Dairy Can Make Summer Allergies Worse

Does diet matter?
By Scott Laird, ND

Even if you’re not allergic to dairy during the rest of the year, it can be a problem during summertime if you have seasonal allergies to grass, pollen, etc.

Here’s how it works… Dairy causes phlegm to form in most children and adults. That’s just a fact of being human, not […]

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Have Fun… But don’t miss Your Financial Calling

Your Financial Calling is waiting!
By Tedd Clayton

Chief Operating Officer


Have Fun… But don’t miss Your Financial Calling

It’s that time of year again. The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom, your children could be in the middle of graduation and of course, it is time to plan your summer vacation. FUN is in the air. […]

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Should we keep the Sabbath?

Is Sunday the Sabbath?
By Michael Rood

Sometimes people who are just coming out of the fog of churchianity ask me where to start from there. They have realized they inherited lies, but aren’t sure how they can find their way and get down to the truth.

This is exactly why I wrote The Chronological Gospels. It is […]

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Biblical Hebrew Calendar

Jewish Calendar, Lunar Calendar, or Gregorian Calendar?

By Michael Rood

This time of year, we are working hard on preparing the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar. The calendar has been in the sky since the Creator put it there, but it takes a lot of work to translate it onto paper to go into the […]

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Making Connections

I have talked myself hoarse more times than I can count. I have been awake in the wee hours of the morning over and over and over. I have pulled all nighters despite no deadlines, and I have traveled enough distance to equate circling the earth many times over.

Sometimes friends and family tell me I’m […]

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Sivan – The 3rd Month

Shalom Torah Fans!
The renewed moon was NOT spotted in Israel today (May 26, 2017).
Since tomorrow is the 30th day of the second month (and a Hebrew month cannot have more than 30 days), sunset tomorrow (Saturday, May 27) will, by default, mark the beginning of the 3rd biblical month, the month of Sivan.

Click here to […]

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Is The “Firstfruits Offering” Important in Modern Times?

What is “First fruits”?
Many people ask our Prayer Warriors here at A Rood Awakening! International this very important question…“Is the First Fruits offering still important to us in modern times?” Our answer is a resounding YES!

The day of firstfruits is celebrated in the early spring at the time of the Aviv Barley in the land […]

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