In Season One of The Chronological Gospels, take you through the land of Israel and I lay out Yeshua’s life and ministry in the culture, in the context and relating to the language and what was going on at the time to make the Gospels understandable.

In Season Two of The Chronological Gospels, “The Revelation”, I take you into the only book Yeshua actually wrote himself, the Book of The Revelation.

And now I want to bless you with Season Three of The Chronological Gospels. In Season Three, we will take you into the most repeated prophecy (and the most ignored prophecy) in all of Scripture and in all of the Christian church: Yeshua said there would be one sign, and one sign only of his authenticity, one sign that you have the real thing, that you have the true Messiah. It’s the sign of the prophet Jonah.

Because of religious tradition, we have grown up with the inability to even count to three: 3 days and 3 nights. But we can’t do it because we inherited a calendar that’s based on sun god worship instead of the biblical calendar. We have inherited pagan sun god worship rituals out of Babylon through Constantinian Christianity, and all these things need to be cleaned up.

The prophet Jeremiah said that, in the last days, that the gentiles would come unto Israel from the ends of the earth when Israel enters back into their land and they would cry out in repentance for the abominations they inherited. And when they cry out in repentance, even the gentiles will know his name.

We are going to go into the sign of Jonah. This is the message that has changed so many people’s lives around the world, and I need you to stand with me. I need Executive Producers. I need those who will give at least $5000 for each episode for this to take place. And we need multiple donors for each episode.

Be an executive producer. Stand with us. The sign of Jonah is the one sign, and it’s the one sign the entire Christian world can’t get right. Help me help the world to get it right with the sign of Jonah.

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