More than 17 years ago, I began putting our teaching videos up on the internet, free of charge. It cost us a great deal at that time, which was before YouTube came on the scene. YouTube has been a great asset in getting the message out to the world — but we did it differently than most.

Most ministries “monetize” their videos, which means they allow advertisements to play before, during, and after the video; this creates a financial kickback to the ministries to help pay for their production costs, etc. YouTube has encouraged us many times to monetize our videos in this way, but we have refused.

We have refused for reasons of integrity. We refuse to interrupt any of our programs with commercial messages from outside sources because those sources may have products or services that may not line up with what you expect from A Rood Awakening! International.

Most importantly of all, we want to get the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yeshua taught straight to you without distractions. Of course, we’d appreciate “likes” and “shares” but it’s not our primary concern. Our concern is to give you these teachings free of charge online.

We do it the way the Almighty said. We are freely giving, we are asking you to freely give in return.

This time, coming up to the end of the year, we have so many teachings we want to give to you, but we can’t do it without you. In fact, there are things that are waiting in the wings that, honestly, we just can’t do because of financial restraint.

We have more seasons of The Chronological Gospels series that are set to go, but we can’t produce them. Why? Because the finances are simply not there yet.

We have so many people, so many of our executive producers that are stepping up with $5,000, with $10,000, some of them with $20,000 donations to help fund this. But every gift counts! Any gift is appreciated and gets you involved with this ministry.

If you’ve been thinking about it, do it now, before the end of the year. Instead of giving your money away to the government, you can help to get the gospel of the kingdom out to the world.

I’m asking you to postmark your gift before December 31st. Thank you for standing with us.

Your donations keep Michael Rood on the air!
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