Life begets life — it’s the definition of biogenesis, the most basic of biological principles on this earth. In other words, living things provide life to other living things. Dead things cannot provide life to living things.

For example, it takes a living mother to give birth to a living baby. But most of us don’t think about this “life begets life” principle when it comes to what we eat.

You see, we have to remember that our bodies are living organisms; and according to biogenesis, living food is the only way to provide life to that living organism.

Now on the surface you may say that sounds ridiculous. You’ve eaten cooked food your whole life and you’re still alive. But just how “alive” are you?

You may not be showing any symptoms of illness or disease, but inside, a body starved of living foods is desperately clinging to normalcy. And that desperation puts a lot of stress on your body, which builds and builds until you start having symptoms of disease.

I’m not saying that cooked food is bad; but too much will put stress on your body because it has no life; no enzymes to be specific, which can only come from two places: raw foods, and your own pancreas.

Enzymes break down food. Raw foods have enough enzymes to digest themselves, but cooked foods rely on enzymes from your pancreas.

Raw foods provide life because they’re alive with enzymes. They are living food for a living body; your body. Cooked food must rely on your pancreatic enzymes for digestion, and the more your body has to generate enzymes, the more stressed it becomes.

The troubling thing is that your body will show signs of a deficiency in vitamins and minerals (which you can adjust and correct) long before there’s any indication of a deficiency in enzymes; you may never know your body can’t keep up until that overtaxing demand for enzymes manifests as a serious disease.

So the idea, now, becomes obvious.

Get more living food into your body. In fact, if you get enough living (i.e. raw) food into your body to address deficiencies, while getting rid of toxins at the same time, you can actually turn the tide of disease, stopping its progression, and reversing it to the point that it’s like you never had it in the first place.

Symptoms of cancer can and do disappear this way. Symptoms of clogged arteries are cleared this way. Symptoms of painful deposits in joints and bones dissolve this way. Even symptoms of emotional and neurological disorders can be lessened or even halted altogether.

All you have to do is provide the body what it needs to do the job.


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