Nutrition — concentrated nutrition — is the key to health. This is why so many supplements have been introduced in recent years. But raw, whole, plant-based foods are still the best; and raw juices are the best of the best.

Why? Because they provide the most amount of living food nutrition with the least amount of effort from your body.

This allows your body to rest, while arming it with what it needs to fight disease at the same time.

Let’s use the example of a carrot to explain what I mean.

Even if your digestive system is healthy, you can only assimilate about 35% of the nutrition in a whole carrot. Your body has to break down the fiber of the carrot to get at the nutrients inside the carrot’s cells.

But if you extract and drink the juice of that same carrot, all the work of breaking down the food has already been done — so instead of assimilating the 35% of nutrition from a whole carrot, your body can assimilate up to 92% of the nutrients of that same carrot. (See page 20 of Live Food Juices by Dr. H.E. Kirschner)

In this example, you can get the nutrition of a pound of carrots in just 8 ounces of juice; that’s the kind of concentrated nutrition your body needs to reverse the symptoms of disease!

Whether you’re sick or well, your body replaces cells at the rate of 300 million every minute. The quality of the replacement cells depends on the quality of food you are providing to your body.

There are 3 ways this can go:

  1. You can get sicker by eating more and more poorly
  2. You can stay the way you are by not changing your food habits, or
  3. You can improve your health by changing what you eat to living foods that help the body create healthier cells than the ones it is replacing.


Obviously, you want to provide your body with better nutrition to create cells that are better than the ones being replaced — this is how you reverse symptoms of disease!

Juicing is the best source of high quality nutrition your body can get to create superior cells to do this.


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