Juice from living foods is, essentially, your multi-vitamin; and a much more effective and powerful one than anything that comes in tablet – 90% of those are a waste of money anyway.

Now, “what about fiber?” you maybe be asking. “Why would I remove all the fiber in juice? I thought fiber was good for the colon.”

Fiber is, indeed, good for the colon. And that’s why, at meal times, you need lots of fiber in the form of raw, living foods on your plate.

But between meals, when your stomach is empty, is the most opportune time to get nutrients directly to your cells to promote healing; that’s why fiber-free juicing is so important during those times.

Without fiber to digest, the nutrients in raw, living juices can be delivered to your bloodstream within 30 minutes. That’s why you can juice several times a day and not get full like you would with a meal containing food that requires digestion.

In fact, when someone adopts a primarily raw, plant-based diet when suffering from cancer, a common protocol is to consume 12 cups of vegetable juice every day, one cup every waking hour.

Why? Because when you flood the body with what it needs to generate superior cells, you gain the upper hand against disease.

Disease, as we discussed earlier in this blog series, is cellular malfunction.

Cells malfunction because of an imbalance of death and life in the body; too much death, not enough life. That death is caused by oxidation, which leads to increased free radical activity in the body, which promotes disease.

On the flip-side, antioxidants in raw fruits and vegetables help to stop this process.

Free radical molecules lack an electron, making them unstable and damaging to the body as they hunt for an electron. Antioxidants contain an extra electron in their molecular structure that they can “donate” to free radical molecules, halting the damage.

A practical way to prove this concept to yourself is with exercise.

Exercise creates excess oxidation, but if you restrict yourself to a primarily raw, plant-based diet between workouts, you’ll notice that you’re ready for your next workout much sooner than if you eat a regular diet.

This is because you are flooding your body with antioxidants that help to stop damage induced by the oxidation.

This is exactly why many world-class athletes are now getting on the plant-based bandwagon; since plant-based foods help their body recover faster between workouts, they can improve their performance faster than their competitors by scheduling more workouts closer together.

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