Diet matters, especially when it comes to oxidation, which is the real enemy, whether you’re sick or not. We can’t stop oxidation; it happens with every metabolic process in your body, it happens with exercise, and even with breathing and thinking. The key is to counteract it by ensuring that most of your diet consists of raw, living foods that have antioxidants your body needs to reverse the damage — and the living enzymes that produce “life” for your living body.

The bottom line is that a diet of raw, plant-based foods have both of these factors. They rebuild your body’s self-healing ability, so that your body can reverse disease, and maintain that state so that disease cannot develop again.

It’s not what the rest of the world is doing; and that’s why it’s exactly WHY you should do it.

You see, when your diet and lifestyle are healthier the world around you, suddenly the world’s statistics don’t apply to you. For example, the typical statistic that 1 in 3 people will get cancer does not apply to you because those statistics were gathered from a population is not doing what you are doing.

Again… those statistics do not apply to you IF you are doing something different than the sample group.

In essence, when you decide to do something different with your health, you change the game. Your body will be different that those around you — you have a health advantage.

Even the way your body responds to everyday lifestyle factors is different when you choose to eat a high percentage of raw, living foods and juices because your body is properly equipped to deal with the situation instead of succumbing to disease.

Let’s take the example of being outside in the sunshine…

When you’re out in the sun, you’re exposing your skin, which is your body’s largest organ. And just like any other organ, your skin’s ability to resist oxidation and disease depends on what you eat.

Think of it this way… everything you eat eventually makes its way to your organs, including your skin. That’s why the symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can often be corrected with diet change; usually these symptoms are simply a result of the body reacting to an improper diet.

Now, if everything you eat makes its way to your skin, and if you eat a diet like everyone else (full of foods that do not equip the cells to protect themselves), then you render your skin defenseless against the oxidizing rays of the sun.

When the sun hits your skin, the cells are ill-prepared to deal with it, which causes them to malfunction, leading to diseases like skin cancer. But when you eat a diet rich in raw, living foods loaded with antioxidants, every organ in your body, including your skin, is well equipped to reverse oxidative damage.

Now, instead of malfunctioning when the sun hits your skin, your skin knows exactly what to do. It absorbs the rays and uses the beneficial oils that have made their way to your skin from proper foods in your diet, to convert the sun’s rays to vitamin D, which benefits your entire body.

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