Day of Trumpets at The Rock of Ages

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Join Michael Rood and an excited cast of hundreds from as far away as Israel, South Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America as they journey up the mountain to sight the new moon of Yom Teruah (The Day of Trumpets) at the Rock of Ages, better known as Hidden Mountain, New Mexico.

In the dimming twilight, Michael Rood, along with archaeologist Dr. Denis Otero, and Biblical language expert Nehemia Gordon take you to the summit where the Ten Commandments, written in Paleo-Hebrew, have mystified western scholars since their discovery.

This mountaintop experience sets the stage for Michael Rood’s keynote address at the Albuquerque Convention Center as he takes the audience to the REAL Mount Sinai and clarifies the covenant that was delivered from the fiery summit, the subsequent breaking of that covenant, and the prophetic provision for the renewal of the covenant.

The Gospel of the Kingdom will come to life as you relive this life-changing, Mount Sinai experience, at the Rock of Ages!


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“Very good teaching, his research is on point!”

Answers To Your Questions

What Is The Day of Trumpets?
Israelites, both natural-born and grafted-in, are instructed to celebrate the Day of Trumpets forever, regardless of their physical location at the time of the 7th new moon of the year, the Day of Trumpets. This event remembers the day that the trumpets blew on Mount Sinai and the commandments were shouted down to the Israelites gathered below.

What Is The Rock of Ages?
The Rock of Ages is a rock at the top of Hidden Mountain in the desert of New Mexico where the Ten Commandments, written in ancient Paleo-Hebrew, mystify visitors to this day. Known as the Los Lunas Decalogue, these petroglyphs depict an eclipse that was seen from this very location 2,300 years ago.


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