Prophecies in The Fall Feasts of the LORD

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Our Creator has shown us “the end from the beginning” through the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD, which he commanded Israel to keep forever.

The Feasts of the LORD are not only prophetic shadow pictures of good things to come, they are the mechanism by which the Almighty has told the end of time from the very beginning.

The Messiah will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD at his second coming. Their future fulfillment is detailed in the “fifth Gospel”, the book of The Revelation. If we do not understand the Fall Feasts of the LORD, the book of The Revelation will remain an indecipherable time warm continuum to the Western gentile mind!

Explore the prophetic realities of the Fall Feasts of the LORD with Michael Rood!


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Answers To Your Questions

What Are The Fall Feasts?

The Fall Feasts of the LORD begin with Yom Teruah (The Day of Trumpets), which is held once the new moon sighted, which “no man knows the day or the hour”; it is a prophecy of Yeshua’s second coming. Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) ten days later, followed by the 8-day feast of sukkot are also prophetic shadow pictures of subsequent events including “Judgment Day” and other end time events fulfilled as per The Book of The Revelation.

What Do The Fall Feasts Mean?

The events of Yom Teruah through Sukkot, as first experienced by the Israelites during their time wandering the desert, served as a prophecy for the Messiah’s second coming. The Fall Feasts of the LORD give us clues as to the sequence of events that must take place before the Messiah returns — an understanding of the Fall Feasts of the LORD is a must if one wants to understand the Book of The Revelation.


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