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For seven years, Michael Rood traveled the globe presenting the evidence of the “real” Mount Sinai in Arabia. Armed with only a few photographs and short segments of extraordinary video footage, Michael exposed fallacious traditions and shed new light from the Hebrew Scriptures, which detailed Israel’s exodus from Egypt.

The true source of Michael’s video evidence remained a secret, even to him, until a former Saudi Aramco oil field engineer and his wife attended the “A Rood Awakening!” seminar. That night, James and Penny Caldwell identified themselves as the source of Michael’s covert information. Now that they were safe in America, they offered Michael full access to nearly ten years of stockpiled evidence — an archaeological treasure beyond belief!

Join Michael Rood as he presents the most complete documentation to date concerning the recent discovery of Mount Sinai, which takes you on a first hand tour of the Mountain of God. You’ll be left with little doubt that the Scriptures, not tradition, lead us to the truth.

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