It’s not over until the “Moses” Sings

There is not a more repeated commandment in all of Torah than that which is summarized in the phrase, “keep yourself from the accursed thing.”

To keep, or guard yourself from that which the almighty pronounces as accursed is the summation of the last message from Moses to the nation of Israel before his death on Mount Nebo.

There is not a more repeated violation in the book of the Judges or in the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel than that very commandment. Guarding ourselves from the accursed thing also includes guarding ourselves from those who are accursed – namely those who violate the commandments of the Almighty and yet claim they are blessed.

This week on SNL, Michael Rood will articulate the very reasons why Israel was ejected from the Promised Land – and why most who “claim” to be Christians today will never see the Promised Land. This is the message pronounced and delivered from the Throne Room of the Almighty by both Moses and Yeshua.

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