The Covenant Of Moab

After an unforgettable Passover and Day of Firstfruits celebration, we are returning to the prophetic series on “The Judges – The King is Coming” – and this week Michael is going to take us into a covenant which few dare to approach: “The Covenant of Moab”.

Moses confided that there was a covenant unlike that which we entered into at Mount Sinai, and this covenant all Israel entered into while still abiding in Moab before we celebrated our first Passover in 39 years and then attacked Jericho. This covenant included even the pagans who had joined Israel as “hewers of wood and drawers of water” as well as the mixed multitude that came out of Egypt with sons of Israel. This covenant with the Almighty is never spoken of in Christian Church circles today – because the Christian world lives in violation of every specificity of that Divine covenant. But unless we keep that covenant, we will never enter into the promised land, and once in the land, we will not stay unless we do keep this covenant.

Unless we understand “The Covenant of Moab” we will not understand either the Judges, or any of the prophets that came after them. We won’t even understand Yeshua’s message about the leaven-free Gospel of the Kingdom.

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