Israel’s Paid Professional Phalse Prophets

Where were the Levites in the book of the Judges? Why were the teachers and judges of Israel called from among the rank-and-file of the nation, and not from the one tribe whose job it was to be the spiritual leaders, judges, and physicians.

Now, at the end of the book we find that the Levites, who were supposed to be the spiritual compass for Israel, were reduced to money-grubbing religionists who would sell their soul for a nice house, sharp clothes, and enough silver to buy anything they wanted. BUT, if someone offered to pay them a little more – they would lie, steal, and worship a golden calf to get the really big bucks. Follow Michael Rood to the southern slope of Mount Hermon where the tribe of Dan built the first “Mega-church.” It is there that all the tares were gathered for burning under the pastoral leadership of Yochanan the loose-lipped Levite and his descendants. “Because the king was not physically present, everyone did whatever they pleased,” thinking that he was not watching…

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