Gideon’s 300 (or King Leonidas’ Trademark Violation)

Leonidas, the king of Sparta, may be taken to court by the state of Israel for trademark violation. After the movie “300″ in which Leonidas was played by Gerard Butler, it became obvious that Leonidas was attempting to “one-up” Gideon who slaughtered the Midianite and Amalekite hoards with just 300 men in the days of the Judges.

Gideon was prodded by the Almighty to whittle down his forces so that the power of the heavenly king of Israel would be manifest. By direct revelation from heaven, Gideon was ordained to deliver the nation of Israel from a tyrannical power that had held the nation on the edge of bankruptcy and starvation through gun control and punitive taxation. First instructed to destroy the steeples, Christmas trees and the pagan traditions inherited from his father – Gideon was then instructed to accost an army with little more than the tools of a farmer – and revelation from the throne room of heaven.

Join Michael Rood this week for Shabbat Night Live as he retells the glorious story of Gideon’s 300 – a story that makes Leonidas’ 300 pale by comparison.

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